More than you ask or think: One minute with pastor Roy

ImageIn Luke ch. 5 we read of a dilemma that Peter and his fishermen employees had: they had caught no fish. After working all night their nets were still empty. Peter lent his boat to Jesus to preach from it to the multitude on shore, then he told Peter to drop the nets again and when he did, the nets were so full, they were breaking with the great number of fish. In fact verse 7 says the called for other ships to come and the boats were so full they were sinking!  The disciples wanted to fill their nets, but the Lord did something greater: He filled their boats! Ephesians 3:20 says, that he is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us. Lord, fill my nets! No my child, I’m going to fill your boats! The blessing poured out to other boats too. Maybe in the empty nets of whatever your need is, God’s preparing you for something greater than what you’re thinking or asking for. This is pastor Roy, yes the Lord can meet your needs by filling your nets, but take the limits off and let him do something greater than what you ask or think. He has greater plans than we can imagine. You are more than a conqueror!


Transformation from Glory to Glory: One minute with pastor Roy

ImageAn Indigenous man from the jungle visited the large city in a legal meeting. He was representing his tribe but was very surprised by all of the modern living that he knew nothing about. It was his first time in a hotel and he sat in the lobby watching a very large older woman get into a little room with doors. He didn’t know what an elevator was! All he knew is the doors to that little room closed and a few minutes later they opened an a beautiful, thin, young lady stepped out. “This is Magic!” he screamed, then he turned to his son sitting next to him and said, “Hurry, go bring your mother!” He thought it was some kind of instant transformation. Some also believe that anyone coming to Christ should be transformed that way too. It seems like that with some people but more often the Holy Spirit transforms believers by a process that 2 Corinthians 3:18 calls from Glory to Glory. Step by step, God uses different situations in life to take us to the next level of glory and transformation. This is pastor Roy, don’t get frustrated if your life doesn’t completely change instantly. It’s the work of God’s Spirit to transform you by a wonderful process into the image of Christ. Submit to His work of transformation. You are more than a conqueror!

A lesson in Priorities: One minute with Pastor Roy


ImageIn an object lesson, a teacher in a college filled a large pickle jar with rocks that were about the size of a fist each. He asked, “Is it full?” “Yes!” the students answered. “No, he said as he poured gravel into the same jar, the gravel filled in the gaps and class now agreed it was full. “No,” he said as he poured sand into the jar. Being smaller the sand found its’ place filling all of the gaps to the top of the jar. The whole class said, “now it’s full!” “No!” he said as he poured  water into the jar. Because water is liquid it fit. “Now it’s full he said because nothing else fits. What did we learn?” A nervous student said, “No matter how busy your schedule is, there is always room for something else?” “No,” said the teacher. “This is a lesson in priorities. If I would have poured the water or sand in first, the gravel and rocks would not have fit. Because I began with the biggest items, there was room for the smaller. In life and schedule some say they don’t have the time for church or worship; and it’s true, their life is full of smaller things that have no spiritual or eternal value. Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of God; and everything else will be added. This is pastor Roy, Don’t put off the big things like God, family, church, work, service, there will be time for hobbies, play, fun and all those things that make life enjoyable if you fill yourself with the big things first; things of spiritual value; you are more than a conqueror! 

Jesus in the Midst of your Storm: One minute with Pastor Roy

ImageA great storm threatened the life of the disciples while on a boat. Jesus appears, walking on the water but they were so lost in their battle and full of fear that they didn’t recognize Jesus. “It’s a ghost!” they screamed. That how it is when our life’s boat seems to be sinking; fear blinds us to God’s presence; even though he is there in the midst of our storms. In all this ugly storm, Jesus speaks and give them courage in Matthew 14:27. “Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid. God’s word does those same three things when we struggle in the storms of life. It gives us cheer, reveals Jesus, and removes our fear. Though they are in the thick of the storm Jesus encourages them by revealing that he is there. I’m your deliverer, your source, your help and my power and love is with you in this battle. This is Pastor Roy, you too; be encouraged today in knowing that no matter how difficult your battle is; Jesus says, “you are not alone, I’m here, you are more than an conqueror!

God can use unclean Lips: One minute with pastor Roy

ImageIn Isaiah chapter 6; God was looking for a man to send to speak His word. The prophet was there but felt unqualified because as verse 5 says, “I am a man of unclean lips” was he a liar? Did he cuss, or maybe gossip? He obviously had a problem saying unclean things and believed God couldn’t use him because of this. The next verses say an angel took a live coal from the altar of God and put it on his lips to purge his sin. Then he was able to be used by God and speak His word. Do unclean things come out of your mouth sometimes? If so; this doesn’t disqualify you from being used by God; Like Isaiah you need the fire of God to cleanse your lips. Ask Him to forgive you and anoint your lips with His words not yours. Isaiah went on to be a great man used by God to deliver His message and God will use you too. This is Pastor Roy, today the fire that cleanses away your sin and purifies your lips is the Holy Spirit. When he touches your lips, your words will help, edify and encourage people with God’s word instead of being destructive and offensive. You are more than a conqueror.