God doesn’t Choose Perfect People

Everyone has weaknesses. Remember God never chose people who were perfect. There aren’t any. Elijah the great prophet hid in a cave with depression, David committed adultery and Noah got drunk shortly before the rain. We could go on and on with stuttering Moses and Samson’s weakness for Philistine women, but instead let’s focus on strengths and weaknesses. Your weakness will bond you to the wrong people. Despite his parents and what the law said, Samson stayed with Delilah until the enemy used her to destroy him completely!  Your weakness will separate you from the right people. Adam withdrew from God in the garden after he sinned. Your weakness will make you uncomfortable around those who don’t justify and feed it. Paul also tells of the struggle he had with his weakness in Romans 7; but we also learn that he had complete victory in Gal. 2:20, “I am crucified with Christ never the less I live, yet not I, Christ lives within me.” Ask God to strengthen you in the area of your weakness and disconnect from those who feed and strengthen it. This is pastor Roy; Connect with people who build you up, strengthen you and help you get stronger. Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you; you are more than a conqueror!


1 thought on “God doesn’t Choose Perfect People

  1. “GOD is good, and HE is a rewarder of those who trust in HIM!” GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR ROY! YOU ARE A DEAR BROTHER, AND I MISS OUR FELLOWSHIP! Was with Pastor Danny DeLeon in Santa Ana, and Joel & Rose Perales, this past Sunday, Sept 25th 2016..plz give me a call when you can… Your brother in Christ…ISAAC RUIZ, JR. (831) 869-8245…renostyles@hotmail.com…P.O. Box 6243 Alhambra, California 91802

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