You are Unique like John the Baptist: One minute with Pastor Roy

ImageDon’t try to be like others. God has made you unique and your life has value as an individual. John the Baptist was a unique individual in his day and still amazing to look at today. Isaiah prophesied his birth, an angel announced when he was born, his father prayed for a son; God told him exactly what to name him; his mother Elizabeth and Mary the mother of Jesus were cousins; when they were both pregnant Elizabeth visited Mary and John leaped inside her and she was filled with the Holy Spirit; plus Jesus said of him that there was none other born to men as great as he. No one else dressed in camel hair and ate locusts and honey. Wow for being somebody who dressed, ate and lived differently than anyone in his time, God really had his hand on him. People would travel to the desert to see and hear this strange unique person.  His mission: to prepare the way by pointing to Jesus. He embraced his calling. Do you feel a little out of sinc with everyone else? God created you and your unique qualities. This is pastor Roy, embrace your calling and lead people to Jesus with your unique style, that’s what John did and you can too; you are more than a conqueror.


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